7 ways to make profitable money with AI in 2024

7 ways to make profitable money with AI in 2024

Embark on a journey through the realm of AI-driven prosperity as we unveil seven distinctive pathways to lucrative gains in 2024. From content creation to affiliate marketing, opportunities abound in leveraging artificial intelligence. Witness the potential of AI in blog writing, art generation, video creation, and digital product development, paving the way for substantial financial growth. Explore the passive income landscape, where AI becomes the catalyst for accumulating wealth effortlessly. Join us as we delve into the future, where AI is not just a tool but a lucrative ally in the pursuit of financial success.

1. Generate written AI content

Generative AI programs like ChatGPT enable anyone to generate written content quickly. It can assist with writing content for blog posts, website copy, sales copy for businesses, sponsored social media posts, and more. AI can assist with developing an outline, generating paragraphs, brainstorming ideas, and even writing entire pieces of content. The technology can help freelance writers produce more content by assisting them with getting past writer’s block to write faster.

Generate written AI content

More advanced AI tools, like Jasper.ai, can help anyone create professional sales copy. You can generate copy for emails, marketing landing pages, and advertisements. AI can also help develop scripts for videos or speeches, e-books, workbooks, and more. You can offer these copywriting services to clients and make money producing AI-generated written content.

2. Create AI-generated art

AI tools, like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney, enable anyone to create prompts that generate images. The more detailed a prompt you give the AI, the better the images it can generate. Sites like PromptBase allow you to list and sell these prompts, as well as find and create them.

Create AI-generated art

You can also make NFTs of your art and sell them or turn your AI-generated art into a meme you monetize. Your AI-generated art can even be made into physical products you sell, like t-shirts, wall art, or decorations.

3. Create YouTube videos

AI tools allow anyone to create videos for YouTube so they can promote or sell a product or service. ChatGPT can generate video ideas and scripts, and the program has a text-to-speech feature for creating a voiceover for the video. Meanwhile, you can use programs like Synthesia to generate videos to upload on YouTube.

Create YouTube videos

If you create evergreen videos (i.e., those with content that will remain relevant), they can generate recurring passive income from ad revenue or affiliate links embedded within the video.

4. Make AI-generated digital visual products

You can also use AI to help generate many types of digital visual content, like digital ads for websites, business logos, and marketing materials. You can use it to edit photos and other graphics more easily.

Tools like AdCreative.ai allow you to make commercials and social content with AI that you can sell to businesses. Meanwhile, Canva has AI-powered tools that make creating and editing graphics, videos, and presentations easy.

Make AI-generated digital visual products

Pitch decks are another type of digital visual content you can produce with the help of AI. They are a series of slides that help start-up companies tell their stories to investors and potential business partners. AI tools like ChatGPT and Tome can help creators produce pitch decks more quickly for clients, which they can find on freelance sites like Fiverr (FVRR -0.79%) or Upwork (UPWK -1.0%).

5. Build websites

AI tools can help you build websites. You can build websites for small-business clients or create them for yourself to produce income from affiliated marketing, ads, or subscription sales.

build websites with ai

Website-building tools, like Wix.com (WIX -0.44%), can help anyone create a professional-looking website through templates or Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). You can quickly create websites for clients or build them to sell your products or promote affiliate marketing links.

6. Generate audio AI content

AI can help create many types of audio content through text-to-speech functions. You can use AI prompts to write a script for an audiobook and then a text-to-speech creator to generate the audio for the book. Play.ht, Murf.AI, and Listnr are among the top-rated AI voice generators.

Generate audio AI content

AI tools can also help translate videos or written content into a different language. For example, Nova A.I. software allows you to translate and add subtitles to a video. You can provide video creators with translation services through freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr. You can also use text-to-speech tools to translate written content into an audio format or to convert written text into audio for the visually impaired.

7. Create online courses

You can use AI software to help create online courses you sell, including those teaching others how to use AI. Artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT can help you brainstorm ideas and topics and develop course materials.

create online courses with ai

AI tools can help you create videos, generate a script, and record voiceover lessons and other course materials using a text-to-speech tool. AI can also help you put together materials to market and sell your online courses to customers (potentially on a website you designed with AI-powered tools).

Can you make money with AI?

You can make money with AI. It can help anyone create content like blog posts, videos, and online courses to sell to companies or through online platforms to generate income. You can start with the AI tools used to create content, learn the best prompts to develop high-quality content, and determine the best ways to monetize your AI-produced content or services.

how to make money with AI

However, because anyone can use AI to create content, you must differentiate yourself from the competition to make money with AI. That could mean focusing on a specific niche, developing your own personal brand and voice, providing top-notch services to clients, and humanizing your content. You’ll also need to ensure you’re keeping up with the latest AI technology, which is constantly evolving.

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